Roger Davies

Roger Davies

Web Developer

  • Wordpress Developer : for custom themes, plugins and components as well as standard builds
  • Certified Umbraco Developer : and other C# and VB .NET technology development
  • Digital Marketing Expert: with over 10 years of online marketing experience

Why work with me?

I offer full stack web development, meaning I'm highly skilled on all web technologies currently in use, just as able to develop you an online booking engine with live availability as I am able to make a web page dance and sing in your browser! I'm at once software developer and web designer in one.

I'm just as happy to assist your with your Microsoft C# or VB.NET solution as I am developing your PHP application. I have 6 years experience developing Microsoft .NET web applications and the Umbraco CMS, 7 years experience working with WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and the more open-source PHP CMS solutions backed up by 10 years of online digital marketing experience, I am your expert resource to use as meets your requirements.

I'm agile, flexible and able to respond to the needs of your business as they arise. Unlike many web developers, I'm very aware of the challenges facing small businesses today. You need someone solid you know will work for you, even when you are unsure what the future will bring. I don't just build you a website - but develop a way to extend your business operations to the Web effectively.